Aldila Golf Website

Client: Aldila Golf

Edgy and golf are usually two words never used in the same sentence. That was the case before Aldila came into the picture.

Aldila makes PGA pro quality golf shafts. In fact, they sponsor several PGA golfers including LPGA's Paula Creamer. However, they're not your typical golf company. They do things differently and they want to show that in everything they do, including their marketing.

After we showed them the comps, they wanted it to be even more gritty. We made some of our home-made "grit" and created some cool borders with India ink and scanned them in.

The results

We ended up designing and developing a site that set them so far apart from their competitors, their Pro Golfers on the tour even mentioned it. Younger golfers became attracted to the site to the point where Aldila started matching their print look to the site rather than the other way around. We were proud of the work we did for them.