About Blue Tractor

Anyone can make a website but can they create and execute a strategy that can generate over 50,000 new e-mail leads or develop a project that changes the entire marketing process of a major retailer? That's what we do. Solid strategies, design and real results.

Our Services
Strategy / Discovery

Our goal is to help our customers solve business problems. This is accomplished through in-depth discovery sessions and relationship building, followed by strategy development, which is then carried out through complete campaign management services.

Creative Services

We marry technology with exquisite design, providing our customers with an array of branding, logos, signage, and art files for both printed and digital materials. Keep your marketing programs fresh with our content capabilities including infographics, illustrations, games, and video.

Digital Marketing Assets

Customers who don't have time or resources to design and code marketing assets can count on Blue Tractor. We can provide art files or complete code for elements such as email, web banners, full web sites, microsites, splash pages, art cards for social media, and more.

Digital Tool Development

Some projects require unique technology that isn't available off the shelf or out of the box. We excel at web-based tool development to accomplish business goals including customized software, mobile apps, triggered/automated marketing services, contest management, customer data acquisition, catalogs, web-based tracking tools, and more.

Support Services

Once customer programs launch, we can provide ongoing data management, program analysis and other support services necessary to track, tweak and improve program success.

Web Design

With over 18 years experience in web design, we understand what it takes to design a great site. We are experts in user interface, UX, mobile responsiveness, smart content, and management systems.

Clients We've Worked With...

Our History

In 1963, John's father purchased a blue Ford tractor for the family's Tennessee farm. During his youth, John witnessed the dependability of this machine and its ability to effectively complete any task at hand. There was nothing it couldn't do, no matter the workload. John founded Blue Tractor in 2003 with the same desire for his company to be to businesses what that blue tractor was to his family - dependable, loyal, hard working, problem solving and producing tangible results.

Our Experience

Since 2003 Blue Tractor has become creative and technical experts in the digital arena, and has worked with national and regional clients. We have designed and developed hundreds of websites, minisites, and projects involving online marketing, web based apps, mobile apps, sites, interactive games, online contests, and other digital based projects. Our creativity and unique approach to process and problem solving allows us to customize solutions to meet each client’s individual needs.


  • 2 Best in Show Categories in the Nashville 2011 AIGA CASE AWARDS and 18 Merit Awards
  • 3 Best in Show Categories in the Nashville 2009 AIGA CASE AWARDS and 29 Merit Awards
  • NAF Gold Addy 2009 The Gerkins Promo Site
  • NAF Local, Regional and AAF National Gold Addy 2008 - Kids WB website
  • NAF Silver Addy 2008 - Kids WB banner ads
  • NAF Gold Addy 2007 - Blue Cross Blue Shield banner ads

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