Bulwark FR Mobile App IOS/Droid

Client: VF Imagewear / Bulwark FR

An app with two objectives.

Bulwark manufactures fire resistant clothing. They needed a mobile app to help their sales team close deals out on the road by better informing consumers about their product. We designed and built the app, leveraging the look of their established brand. We also built a custom CMS so the client can update content on the fly, preventing the need to constantly update the app.

The app features Bulwark's entire product line, which can be searched by industry as well as hazard risk category (HRC rating). Additional features include an outfit guide, catalog viewer, video resource center, distributor locator, laundry services, and an event calendar. Within 6-months of launching the Bulwark FR app, there were thousands of downloads; 25,000 different product searches; and over 14,000 app sessions.

The Results

Since the launch of the app, there have been thousands of downloads and all of the client's sales force is armed with a tool that can help them sell their products on the road. There have been nearly 25,000 different product searches with over 14,000 app sessions within the first 6 months from when the Bulwark FR app launched.

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