Ogden Utah CVB

Client: City of Ogden Utah.Date: May, 2005

"Ok, You want us to create a brand for your entire city? Sure, no problem. When do we Start?"

It's one thing for a client to approach you for a project concerning their company. It's another when it's for a whole city and will end up being presented to the rest of the country to promote and win conventions that will bring a large portion of their annual revenue. The challenge was to bring a new look and communicate a modern feel to the public.

The solution and results:

We incorporated a mark that had a "snowboarder" type of feel to it. Ogden has 7 ski resorts and is a mountain city. We wanted to show that off. We also wanted a clean look that would attract corporations and industries that are looking for convention spots. The package we came up with really turned heads and helped Ogden sell themselves better which increased their convention and hotel room rates by over 40% the following year. We are proud of the work we did for them.