File Trek Identity

Client: FileTrek Inc.Date: January, 2012

To boldly go where no file control tool has gone before.

FileTrek™ effectively tracks and maintain file audit control over how corporate intellectual property is moved, shared, and utilized. Their product is like DropBox but way more robust with version control and complete file history.

This was a rebranding and complete name change. The client felt they needed to change up what they were doing because they were being ignored in the marketplace and weren't connecting with their target audience. They already had a great product but needed a new identity that could help bring attention to it and the company's new strategy.

The solution and results:

We wanted to communicate the innovation of their product in the mark. The bold oblique type supports the constant movement of the mark. The colors were chosen to stand out from the competition. A lot of tech companies love to use blue. We and the client wanted to steer far from that to help them be noticed. The product is unique. Their logo needed to be as well.

Since the new name and id has launched, FileTrek has seen a huge change in their business. They are now recognized by corporate IT professionals who make the purchasing decisions which has greatly increased their sales and improved their traction in the market.