Dollar General Banners

Client: Bohan Advertising/DGDate: January, 2012

Online marketing is a great way to help a new chain of stores get on target with their market.

We've been doing online marketing for well over a decade. Banner ads are an area of expertise for us. In fact, we've won national awards for our ads and many top agencies have hired our services to help them in this arena. Bohan Advertising asked for our help and we were glad to assist.

The results

Dollar General was opening a new chain of full markets on the west coast and needed help reaching out to let people know about the new stores. We wrote the tag lines, helped develop the concepts, designed and executed the ads. We worked with double click in the distribution of the flash banners as well. These ads were released on sites all over the west coast. DG has experienced a lot of success with the market chain thus far.