Dumor Champions Club

Client: Tractor Supply Company

Starting a new program from scratch.

Purina and Tractor Supply wanted to support the sale of show feed to 4-H and National FFA members who raise animals to compete at the fair. This was no easy task since the feed is not stocked and visible in stores – it has to be special ordered. This was a full-service project for us that began with careful planning and guidance from TSC’s internal marketing team.

On the front end, it included logo design, signage, and a web site where kids could enroll and receive a free bag of feed and other prizes. The back end of the site is even more impressive, as it includes systems for data collection, fulfillment checklists, email alerts to individual store managers, as well as the fulfillment house selected by the user.

The Results

Both TSC and Purina thought this program would take a while to gain traction and the expectations were very reasonable for this specialty feed. Within the first month and a half, the club signups more than quadrupled the expected number. The feed has also been selling successfully because of the program as well.

What's equally amazing about this program, is that it's taken off without a large amount of dedicated marketing. Many of the 4-H'ers and FFA members have shared links through social media and told each other by word of mouth which shows the power of this great community.

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