Kid's WB! Website

Client: Warner Bros. TelevisionDates: 2006-2009

Graphic/web design and awesome cartoons. For us, it doesn't get much more awesome than that.

Warner Bros. is the owner of some of the most recognizable comic book and cartoon brands in the world. They needed help designing and maintaining their Saturday morning lineup website. This turned into a 3 year relationship where we ended up not only designing the site, we also created ads, games, show mini sites, illustrations, apps, and generated content for the site.

Everyone at Blue Tractor grew up watching cartoons on Saturday morning with full bowls of our favorite sugar charged cereal in hand which is why this one was special. It's not often that you get to work with assets and brands that inspired you to become involved with art in the first place.

The Results

We went through 3 redesigns over the 3 years. We designed and developed over 30 games and apps, 250 promo banners, 100 banner ads, 20 sweepstakes, and hundreds of pages of designed content. We managed every aspect of that site during that time period.

KidsWB! became the highest rated cartoon lineup on primetime and cable. With millions of site visits within a season, Kids WB! rivaled Cartoon Network and won National design and Addy awards. We are very grateful to have been a part of such a wonderful team and are so very proud of the work we did in those great years.