E3/06 WB Games

Client: Riser Media

Riser Media asked us to help them design materials for WB Games to use for E3. After we woke up from passing out, we gratefully accepted.

In this industry, it's great to meet awesome people you admire. To be able to grow a friendship with them is a blessing. When they ask you to work with them on a project like this, it's an honor. Riser Media is an awesome design company that works with some of the biggest clients in entertainment.

WB Games needed promotion materials for their space at E3, the top video game conference in the world. We designed the booth graphics, concourse banners, brochures, kiosk graphics and entry tickets.

The results

Our work with Riser was a big hit. WB launched 5 new game titles in 2007 and our work helped introduce those new titles to the public. Our work was photographed and seen by all of the major media outlets at the same conference where the PS3 and Nintendo Wii was introduced to the public. It was great to work on this project and actually be there see our work in action.