Client: Thomas Nelson PublishingDate: July, 2012

Designing the future for the present.

Thomas Nelson has many departments. Fiction is an area that has really grown for them recently, especially with the popularity of secular titles like Twilight and Hunger Games. Swipe is a ficticous novel based on the possible dystopian future. What they needed from us was an online presence. Part of that package included a Facebook site, IOS game and some other downloadables. In order to create those pieces, we had to design and illustrate the assets from scratch. We designed the city icons, page looks based off of the cover art and we even illustrated the cities themselves.

The Results

Our work helped Swipe become one of the top selling religous based fiction titles in 2012. The facebook piece garnered many likes and notoriety in their realm.

The IOS Game

We also created an IOS game called Swipe Escape From Dome to get the word out about the books. We designed and built the game and set up the buy now screens as well.