Reliant Bank Brand Strategy

Client: Reliant Bank

How do you rebrand a company when you're not allowed to touch the logo?

Reliant Bank is a small chain of banks in the Nashville area. They have been growing. However, they were finding that there brand presence wasn't as strong as their competitors. We were asked to help them grow their brand and expand beyond their limited look and feel. However, we couldn't reshape the logo.

We ended up creating color options beyond the red, white, and blue look they were using. We also created illustrations to match their services. We designed a full brand standards manual that allowed for scalability as they open new branches. We even created ads for their Nashville Predators sponsorship.

The results

The client loved our solutions and ended up using our work within their 7 branches. Since our relationship, they have opened several new branches and have expanded their presence within the city. They have also grown their portfolio as they are investing in major community development projects.